Jenny Jägerfeld & Mats Strandberg

Jenny Jägerfeld on Monsters in Therapy

A psychologist has gone missing. A collection of documents is found in her office: her work diary, letters, transcripts of therapy sessions and research material for a book project.

We get to follow her work with a doctor with an identity crisis, a lesbian psychopath vampire, the spawn of a manic scientist and a narcissistic dandy. They are four of the most iconic monsters from the Victorian era – Dr Jekyll, Carmilla, Frankenstein’s monster and Dorian Gray – and they wrestle with timeless dilemmas. How can you accept your darkest, most shameful personality traits? When everyone is afraid of you, how can you not hate yourself? How do you age with dignity in a society obsessed with youth? And how do you explore your sexuality in a prejudiced world?

Mats Strandberg and Jenny Jägerfeld blends popular culture with psychology and literature to create a genre-bending and thought-provoking book. With equal parts humour and gravity, they ask the right questions and analyze the answers. Their goal is to help the monsters – and the reader.


Croatia: Fokus
Finland: Like
Germany: Blanvalet
Italy: il Saggiatore
Sweden: Norstedts
Switzerland: Bangebukse (theatre)


“… has combined literature and psychology in an innovative way and created a fertilized art form, a fascinating genre hybrid, or if you will; their very own Frankensteinian monster.”
Psykologtidningen / SWE

“a mix of fiction and self help which feels super trendy in the spring of 2020.”
Femina/ SWE

”The result of this great collaboration is a book with features of both literary historical analysis and psychological interpretation. The many pictures, handwritten marginal notes and the attached letters and telegrams add extra spice.”
SCI FI Book Store / SWE

”Jenny Jägerfeld and Mats Strandberg carry out their idea with such enthusiasm that it is impossible not to be infected by it.”
Expressen / SWE

”And first and foremost, it is as entertainment that this book should be viewed. But that does not mean it should be dismissed as lightweight, because I do not think it is. In fact, the authors have skillfully weaved a critique of prevailing social structures through the comments and reflections that the psychologist makes. By letting patients’ antiquated perceptions clash with the values ​​of our time, it is also made clear how society has evolved in terms of such things as sexual morality, gender equality and democracy.”
Norra Skåne / SWE

“I feel both intellectually stimulated and entertained”
Sydsvenskan /SWE

“It’s a psychological thriller on a high level, filled with dramatic word exchanges, insights, unexpected dramatic arcs, theories, letters and documents that transform the reader into an active co-analyst.”
Göteborgsposten /SWE

“I feel both intellectually stimulated and entertained”
Helsingsborgs Dagblad / SWE

“Exciting, entertaining and educational on every level.”
Smålandsposten / SWE

“The most hilarious idea of the 2010s.”
Vetlanda-Posten / SWE

“The premise feels fresh, fruitful. Through the lens of present-day psychotherapy, the so-called monsters of horror literature look more like misunderstood victims.”
Folkbladet Västerbotten / SWE

“Humorous fan fiction where 19th century horror literature meets pop psychology of the 2010s – with lots to discover for those interested in the history of human sexuality.”
Ottar / SWE


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