Tales from Engelsfors (Berättelser från Engelsfors)

Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Strandberg

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Illustrated novel for the true Engelsfors fans.

Authors Sara B. Elfgren and Mats Strandberg teamed up with illustrators Kim W. Andersson, Karl Johnsson and Lina Neidestam, to create this peatiful contribution to the Engelsfors trilogy.

In the fictional town of Engelsfors the chosen ones battle to stop the apocalypse – and to get through their teenage years. In Tales from Engelsfors the stories developed in graphic form as the writing duo Sara B. Elfgren and Mats Strandberg team up with three of Sweden’s best illustrators Kim W. Andersson, Karl Johnson and Lina Neidestam. For the first time, the readers actually get to see their heroes with their supernatural powers. Secrets from the past are revealed and clues are given as to what is to come. We get to see old stories from new perspectives, and unknown stories are revealed. Some of the series takes place before the events in The Circle and some after the stories of Fire. The book’s guide is the elusive Mona Månstråle. The album is an absolute must for all Engelsfors fans.

112 pages


Norway: Gyldendal
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren


“It is both stylish, smart, awesome and of course the best teaser next book could ever get, because both the past is illustrated and given new perspectives as well as hints about the future. Now I cannot wait until the last part of the trilogy.”
Hanna Höglund / SWE

“I think the illustrations are incredibly good. They capture the apocalyptic mood and the characters’ different personalities spot-on.”
Ystad Allehanda / SWE

“For everybody who love The Circle and Fire here is the illustrated album where three great illustrators have worked together with the authors and made a story which precedes, deepens and foreshadows. It is beautiful and dramatic, and interesting to see the illustrators different way of portraying the characters.”
Kommunalarbetaren / SWE

“The fact that the authors did this graphic album with illustrators Kim W. Andersson, Karl Johnson and Lina Neidestam is incredibly exciting and almost as a gift for us fans. Tales from Engelsfors is a nice little book and for us who are stuck in the trilogy it is like candy. It is incredibly well drawn and somehow the illustrators have managed to pinpoint exactly how I imagined the characters. The colors in the photos are amazing and the compositions perfect. Page after page is an explosion of dramatic colors and the images are full of nice details. Now I long even more for The Key!”
Bokblomma, blog / SWE

“Yes, yes, yes! I have a hard time relation to the universe Sara B. Elfgren and Mats Strandberg have created, without becoming a total fangirl.  I love these little stories, especially the one about Adriana. Incredibly nicely illustrated. I will read it again, probably several times.”
Louixenpixeln, blog / SWE

“A small morsel to devour while waiting for the third part of The Engelsfors trilogy. I have tried to lower my expectations for this comic book, it hurts so much when air castle collapse. But The Circle was so good … and Fire was so good … then Tales from Engelsfors has to be good … or? The answer is yes, yes and yes again! It is a neat and tight illustrated novel the five creators present. Together they complement each other superbly. The reading breathes quality throughout. Tales from Engelsfors gives me wanting more and makes my longing to The Key even greater.”
Glasögonorm, blog / SWE

“A must for all Engelsfors Trilogy fans!”
Schitzo-Cookie, blog / SWE

“I really love the idea with ​​Mona Månstråle and her tarot cards. The stories are also a good mix of different perspectives and points in time. The authors Sara B. Elfgren and Mats Strandberg also succeed in making the characters voices come through, despite the clearly reduced amount of words here compared to the books. All three illustrators have done a remarkably good job. I like how you can clearly see they have different styles, but how they still come together so well! A job well done, all involved!”
Amelies boktips, blog / SWE

“Luckily it is only six months left. Because if there is something Tales from Engelsfors has succeeded in, it is to make my longing for The Key even greater.”
Saras perspektiv, blog / SWE

“I love the fact that the album is in colour, it really feels as if the five authors have done a very thorough and careful job, worth the wait.”
Bokvarg, blog / SWE

“Five geniuses are behind this album, namely Sara B. Elfgren, Mats Strandberg, Kim W. Andersson, Karl Johnson and Lina Neidestam. These five have collaborated on text and image, resulting in a really nice comic book in which the plots revolve around the magical events in Engelsfors. It was a pretty nice entirety of the eight stories. Way to go!”
En bok om dagen, blog / SWE

“Clearly a great idea to make this graphic novel, fun in a completely new format of Engelsfors. It makes me want to read more comics and it makes me long for the final part of the trilogy.”
Kulturloggen, blog / SWE

“Best of all in the book is Mona Månstråle, who is the narrator tying together the various stories. It begins with a number of moderately sarcastic comments, a Twin Peakish red curtain, and after a few pages it is revealed that it is Mona who is waiting with her tarot cards. Right there I’m hooked!”
Skuggornas bibliotek, blog / SWE

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