Charlotte Al-Khalili

Jennifer has left her violent ex-husband and now lives hidden away with her daughter Alice. One morning, Alice wakes up alone in the bedroom. There are traces of blood in the apartment, but Jennifer has vanished without a trace. Her ex-husband seems to have succeeded with what he had long threatened to do – to kill Jennifer and make the body disappear.

The prosecutor Richard Bielke and his assistant Olivia Oldenheim lead the investigation. In the beginning, all focus is on the ex-husband. But when the evidence doesn’t hold enough weight, and Jennifer’s body has still not been found, Olivia gets the sinking feeling that maybe the perpetrator will get away. She refuses to accept this and gets dangerously close to crossing the line of what she can legally do.

When Everything Is Over is the first part in a new, high-class suspense series for readers of Katarina Wennstam and Malin Persson Giolito. The main character, Olivia Oldenheim, the sharpest prosecutor in the room and unyielding in the battles she chooses, but often underappreciated due to her physical disability.

432 pages


Denmark: Lindhardt & Ringhof
Finland: Docendo
Sweden: Norstedts


“Al-Khalili knows her genre. When Everything is Over is a credible and sharp crime novel that challenges stereotypes.”

When Everything is Over is a gripping, thoroughly exciting, and beautifully written crime novel with a focus on domestic violence and on a legal system that doesn’t always reach a complete resolution. Charlotte Al-Khalili clearly highlights the complexity of these types of investigations and skillfully presents various professional perspectives. Through Jennifer, it also becomes a powerful and chilling portrayal of what it’s like to live under constant threat of death from someone you once loved. The best possible start to the crime fiction year 2024 and the beginning of a brand new series.”
Skånska Dagbladet / SWE

“vivid, believable, and very touching. […] A recurring strength in the text is the portrayal of the logic behind domestic violence, how the process can unfold when women get trapped in a violent relationship, how difficult it can be to escape this ordeal, and how the legal system so often fails in addressing these issues. […]  Stellar work!”
Kapprakt / SWE

“I actually loved pretty much everything about this book. […] The language, pace, dialogue, characters, and plot make the pages just fly by, and you constantly want to know more. […] In summary, I’ve probably already read the absolute best book of the year in this genre, and I can’t wait for the next installment to come out!
booksbyjennifer / SWE

“Olivia is a wonderfully quirky person with courage and the ability to think outside the box. I like her. The story is well-written and clever, addressing a difficult subject. […] I look forward to reading more books about Olivia Oldenheim and am curious about the which hidden abilities she will develop next.”
Tantmaud / SWE

“For those who have yet to discover this author, there’s truly something to look forward to. When Everything is Over is the latest of Charlotte Al-Khalili’s books, and the idea behind it is phenomenal. Add vibrant characters and a vivid language that is an absolute dream to read; it can only be a success!”
hogbergs_bokhylla / SWE

“For me, it evolved into a real page-turner. Olivia is intriguing, determined, and fearless as ever. In short, this is a well-crafted and truly thrilling kickoff to the Olivia Oldenheim series, and I’m already looking forward to reading the next book!”
Anna Bokmal / SWE

“I love everything about this book! Olivia is a captivating character, and the story is both realistic and vital to be told. And the twist… It’s refreshing to shift the spotlight onto prosecutors instead of the usual focus on the police.”
camilla_pocketlover / SWE

“The book deals with an important and current topic, domestic abuse, and was exciting and unpredictable. I can definitely recommend the book.”
Britt-Marie Kullin / SWE

“She did it again! Wrote a truly gripping thriller, and I’m so excited that this is a series because I want more of Olivia! Clever twists, strong characters, and a burning relevance on men’s violence against women.”
en.bra.bok / SWE

“I have only one word to say: wow! This book is a true top scorer and a really good start to a new crime series with the prosecutor’s assistant (and hero?) Olivia Oldenheim in focus. The subject is compelling as it portrays men’s violence against women, and oh so important to read about. From the very beginning, my pulse quickened, and I couldn’t stop reading.”
_Justanotherchapter_ / SWE

When Everything is Over by Charlotte Al-Khalili is nothing short of a brilliant start to a new series featuring prosecutor’s assistant Olivia Oldenheim. The book is both chilling, thrilling, unsettling, (very) astonishing, and at times, genuinely funny. Moreover, it is well-written. In other words, it has everything one could ask for in a suspense novel. And it feels realistic.”
Marie in Sweden / SWE

“A highly thrilling crime novel with unexpected twists and turns. Intriguing characters and excellent descriptions of the setting. I give the crime novel 5/5”
Deckarkatten / SWE

“Read it, and you’ll discover, just like I did, that this is a terrific new favorite series to follow.”
Johannas Deckarhörna / SWE“She portrays her characters, as well as various environments, incredibly cinematically, making me feel like I’m right there in her story.”
Bettan Bokprataren / SWE“I didn’t need to flip through many pages before the suspense had me gripped, and I simply had to know what would happen to Jennifer and her daughter.”
Nilmas Bokhylla / SWE

“It’s an exciting story, often touching close to reality. There’s also plenty of humor here, which elegantly contrasts the dark and violent aspects.”
Ihyllan.se / SWE

“One of those stories that captivates you from the very first sentence.”
Bokdiggaren / SWE

When Everything Is Over is a finely crafted crime novel, a real page-turner with a dash of twists! The narrative places a strong emphasis on women, offering insight into the societal divide between genders and shedding light on the vulnerability and plight faced by many women in contemporary society”
Amelies bokhörna / SWE

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