Frank The Monster adapted for radio

We are proud to announce that the trilogy collection FRANK THE MONSTER by Mats Strandberg has been adapted for radio at Swedish Children’s radio (UR).

The popular collection edition about Frank the monster will start airing nation wide at Children’s radio (UR).  The first part of the first book in the trilogy THE MONSTER IN THE NIGHT airs Monday Nov 14 at 18.43 CET at P4. The second and third book, THE MONSTER AT THE CIRCUS and THE MONSTER AND THE HUMANS will air 2023 and the radio series will also be available as podcast.


On Frank’s ninth birthday, something happens that will change his life forever. His neighbor Alice’s dog Uffe is so excited when Frank treats him to a piece of cake, that he accidently bites Frank’s finger. Shortly after, Frank starts having mysterious dreams. In his dreams, he has four legs, and fur, and a wagging tail. All he wants is for someone to pet him, scratch him behind his ears and cuddle with him. But why are everybody so scared of him?

Meanwhile, a rumor spreads through town. People are saying that there is a monster living in the forest, a bloodthirsty beast who attacks innocent people. Could it possibly be that Frank’s dreams are not dreams?

Exciting, fun and just the right level of scary, with cliffhangers which make you want to read more. The Monster in the Night is a story about monsters and humans, about not fitting in, and about finding your pack.