Jenny Jägerfeld receives the Astrid Lindgren Prize

Photo: Hugo Thambert

We are proud to announce Jenny Jägerfeld has received the Astrid Lindgren Prize, a Swedish literary award.

The Jury motivation
“Jenny Jägerfeld writes sensitive and with great insight about major contemporary life issues. In a beautiful, easy-flowing prose, she allows pain and drama as well as drastic humor to take place in the text, and thereby creating great reading experiences for young readers.”

Jenny Jägerfeldt’s reaction in her own words
“Five minutes before I got the call, I had dropped a box of Honey Puffs on the floor, and stepped in it. So when I picked up the phone, I was busy trying to remove cereal from my socks. When I realized what the call was about, I just shouted: IS IT TRUE? IS IT TRUE? I was so extremely happy. And honored. Astrid Lindgren is such an icon, so famous that sometimes you almost forget how incredibly good she was. Because she is such an obvious part of our history of literature. But she has written all that, it came from her heart and brain. 

And I think, the way she managed to induce emotions, put words on everything that is part of life, whether it’s difficult feelings like sadness, loss, anger or lovely feelings like happiness, curiosity or joy of life, have helped and entertained children and adults ever since her first book was published. If I could create as little as a per mille of what she did, I’ll die happy. “

The Astrid Lindgren Prize awards a Swedish children and YA author. The prize is announced and awarded annually on Astrid Lindgren’s birthday, 14 November.