Al-Khalili nominated for Maelstrom

We are very pleased to announce that Charlotte Al-Khalili has been shortlisted for “Best Crime Debut of the Year” by the Swedish Academy of Crime Fiction for her novel Maelstrom.

The Swedish Academy of Crime Fiction is a Swedish organization set up in 1971 to promote the writing of detective fiction and crime fiction. The Academy will announce the winner on their annual jury meeting the 20:th of November 2022.

Charlotte Al-Khalili writes contemporary crime fiction and suspense. In 2022, her second novel, Maelstom was published by Norstedts. Taking a new approach to traditional storytelling, Maelstrom is written with multi perspectives, where each character is experiencing their own version of reality. They are all heroes in their own lives, and also their own worst enemies. The core of the narrative is the murder of a young man. Maelstrom is saturated with themes of betrayal, absent fathers, and fractured relationships.