“I was really surprised and feel honoured.” Anna Jansson is the winner of the Nora Crime Fiction Festival Award “Lifetime!” The prize is an honorary distinction given to a person who has made significant contributions to the industry over a long period of time.

On April 13-14, the Nora Crime Fiction Festival takes place, and during the festival, the Nora Crime Fiction Society designates a winner of the award “Lifetime”. The prize is newly instituted and is supposed to throw light on a special author’s life’s work. Anna Jansson wins the award in 2024. Anna says the news came to her with great surprise and that she is honoured to be given this award.

The jury motivation celebrates her for her high quality and productivity, and emphasizes that she has increased her popularity among readers every year, both in Sweden and internationally. They express that she very much deserves to be the first author to receive the “Lifetime” award: “The Nora Crime Fiction Society is pleased to announce that in 2024, we are presenting our first award for a special crime fiction author’s long and faithful service, awarding ‘Lifetime’ to Anna Jansson”, says Åke Lundström, chairman of the Nora Crime Fiction Society.

Congratulations and amazing work Anna!