Netflix drama by Sofie & Tove Forsman

In 2021 premieres the upcoming series Young Royals on Netflix.

Written by our talented screenwriter duo Sofie and Tove Forsman, together with Lisa Ambjörn and Pia Gradvall. Produced by Nexiko, starring Edvin Ryding and Pernilla August in the leading roles, we’ll be taken along a coming of age-drama with royal settings.

About Young Royals: The story revolves around prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding). When he arrives at the prestigious boarding school he is finally given the opportunity to explore who he is and what kind of life he wants to live. Wilhelm starts dreaming of a future of freedom, filled with unconditional love, far away from all royal commitments. When he is suddenly the next in line of succession he is faced with a choice – love or duty.