We are happy to welcome Astrid Mohlin as one of our new screenwriters! Astrid specializes in humour, young adult, and drama. Her trademarks are character driven stories with a witty yet realistic dialogue. Among her most notable work is the podcast series Fakewhich was such a big success that it will also be published as a book by Bonnier Carlsen.She has also written an episode for the cult tv-series Solsidan, and several other radio dramas for SR. 

Astrid has worked both at Nickelodeon and Swedish Radio (SR), and her tone lies somewhere between the goofy and crazy, together with a more classical storytelling. When writing for young adults, one of the hardest but most important thing are to understand, but not underestimate, your audience. For Astrid, a key factor to achieve this, is research. Her meticulous methods combined with an intuitive sense of humour has made Astrid a household name in the world of radio drama. That sense of humour is also what lead her to being hired by FLX to write an episode on their hit show Solsidan, a dream job for any comedy writer in Sweden.   

She recently won New York Festivals Radio Award for the best audio drama for young, with her children christmas calendar Tjuven på Nikolaus Läroverk.  

Could it be more Grand? We are so happy to have you with us!