Nominations for Kristallen 2022

We are proud to announce that The SVT-series DOUG (DEG) is nominated for Best tv-drama of the year and the Netflix-series Young Royals is nominated in four categories; Best YA tv-drama of the year, Viewer’s Favorite, Best male actor in a tv-production (Edvin Ryding) and Best supporting role (Omar Rudberg).

Big congratulations Sara B. Elfgren – one of the writers on Dough and Tove Forsman & Sofie Forsman – in the writing-team on Young Royals S1 and 2.

The winners of the Kristallen award will be announced on the Kristallen gala-show on Sep 1, 2022.

About The Kristallen award and gala

Innovative thinking, originality and craftsmanship, Kristallen is a quality award and gala for Swedish television production. The award was established to stimulate the production of television programs with high content, artistic and technical quality and to give the Swedish television industry an opportunity to exchange views and experiences from the production of television programs. With the prize, the foundation wants to reward innovation and originality as well as exceptionally good craftsmanship in order to inspire those who work with the medium to perform even better. In addition, the foundation hopes that Kristallen will strengthen the audience’s trust in the television of the future.