Record deal for Anna Jansson

Storytel’s publishing house StorySide has acquired rights to release Anna Jansson’s novels as audiobooks and e-books in several major languages. The complete series, featuring police inspector Maria Wern, will be available in English, Spanish, and Italian. Parts of the series will also be available in Hebrew and Icelandic.

Since the debute a little more than 20 years ago, Anna Jansson has written over 60 books in several genres, from crime, thriller and feel good to children’s books. She has sold more than five million copies in Sweden alone and the Maria Werns series is adapted to film and several seasons of tv-series (aired in 34 territories).

The digitalization of the market is really important for the dissemination of literature. This deal is yet another indication of the ability of these new channels to bring authors’ work to new readers and satisfy a global readership’s curiosity, while also creating new, timeless classics. It is actually revolutionary for the publishing industry and readers, but not least for authors. It gives writers the chance to earn steady, long-term income from their work.