Sara B. Elfgren writes for The Royal Dramatic Theatre

We’re proud to announce the upcoming play by Sara B. Elfgren at The Royal Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten) in Stockholm. Sara B. Elfgren has adapted Noble Prize-winning author Selma Lagerlöf’s classic short story “The Changeling”.

The main character is a changeling, a troll whose parents switched him for a human child. He is an outcast among the humans. His foster mother is the only one to show him any kindness but she longs for her real son. And the changeling is growing up.

“He is about thirteen years old”, Sara B. Elfgren says in an interview published on the homepage of The Royal Dramatic Theatre. “The brink of puberty is an interesting and rather horrible phase. One goes through a lot of changes, physically and mentally, and many experience strong feelings of disgust, with themselves and others. It’s easy to feel like a changeling who doesn’t belong anywhere.”

“The Changeling” is a dark fairy tale about loneliness, love and finding one’s place in the world. The play is directed by Tobias Theorell and opens in April 2019.

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