Swedish Fantasy Top list

The readers have submitted their ratings, and the Swedish Fantasy Council have deliberated among 500 Swedish fantasy series. Two Grand authors, Mats Strandberg and Sara B. Elfgren, have made the list. The Engelsfors Trilogy, that they wrote together, is listed as sixth in the category “YA”, and The Monsters in the Night, written by Strandberg, is on place two in the category “age 6-9”.

We are proud to announce that two of our beloved authors are included in the Swedish Fantasy Council’s compiled Top lists! Since its beginning in 2024 The Swedish Fantasy Council consists of 23 book bloggers who have worked to compile top lists in four different age categories based on the ratings of fantasy series on Goodreads and Adlibris. Sara B. Elfgren’s and Mats Strandberg’s series The Engelsfors Trilogy is placed six on the Top list for Young Adults and  Strandberg’s series The Monsters in the Night ranks second on the 6-9 age Top list.

The Swedish Fantasy Council is driven and supported by fantasy enthusiasts who want to place fantasy stories and their ratings in a context. Due to the thoroughly conducted groundwork (based on approximately 500 fantasy series and associated reader votes), the list is likely to be the largest of its kind.



Engelsfors. Beautiful name, scrubby town. Surrounded by deep forests where people get lost and disappear. Six girls just started high school. They have nothing in common – except they are all hunted by an ancient evil.



On Frank’s ninth birthday, something happens that will change his life forever. His neighbor Alice’s dog Uffe is so excited when Frank treats him to a piece of cake, that he accidently bites Frank’s finger. Shortly after, Frank starts having mysterious dreams. In his dreams, he has four legs, and fur, and a wagging tail. All he wants is for someone to pet him, scratch him behind his ears and cuddle with him. But why are everybody so scared of him?