Thomas Pettersson new to Grand Agency

With his book The Unlikely Murderer, Thomas Pettersson solved the case that had taken the Swedish Police over 30 years to close. We welcome him to Grand Agency!

Thomas Pettersson grew up in a woodsman home in Värmland, and began his career working as a telecom assembler for Telia. After undergoing academic studies, he changed gears and began working as a teacher at a high school in Gothenburg in the 90’s. Since 1997 he has been working as a journalist, an editor, and a writer, focusing on societal issues and economy.

In 2018 Offise Press published Thomas Pettersson’s work in a series of articles in their magazine Filter. Later on came the book as a further developed result of his research, The Unlikely Murderer. It didn’t just become a book for the Swedish people to devour – it had the Swedish police amazed, too. In 2020, the investigators of the Palme case presented the solution of the murder, a solution the Swedish population had been waiting for, for over 30 years. The police had finally come to the same conclusion as Thomas Pettersson, thanks to his book. Suspect Stig Engström was officially claimed to have been the murderer of Olof Palme.

We are proud to have Thomas Pettersson on board with us.