Welcome Christoffer Sandler

We are happy and proud to present Christoffer Sandler as a new author at Grand Agency. Christoffer is the writer behind productions like Sjukt Oklart (Ellen & Vera) and Insiativet (The Initiative), and he has written films in both the Sune and Håkan-franchises.

Apart from being a writer, Christoffer has worked a lot as a director, which has expanded his creativity and shaped his way of writing. He has a talent for transforming an image or a scene from an idea into text, which makes for very compelling manuscripts. Christoffer’s speciality lies in portraying people that the viewers can relate to, whether it is through their flaws or strengths.

One striking example of this is his directorial feature film debut – the adaptation of Jenny Jägerfelds’ Så jävla easy going (So Damn Easy Going) – that he also wrote, which won lots of awards and opened the Gothenborg International Film Festival in 2022.

Read more about Christoffer here.