Jenny Jägerfeld shortlisted to The August Prize

Jenny Jägerfeld is one of 6 August Prize nominees in the category “Best Swedish Children’s Book of the Year” with My Royal Grand Golden Life. A story about  loneliness and friendship, exclusion and popularity and about choosing who you want to be. Just as in her previous books, the critically acclaimed Top Bro! and August Prize nominated Comedy Queen, this is an unforgettable story combining magnificent humor and important topics.


“Countdown for school to start. The time of opportunity for life to start over, get better, the time to be part of something. It is heavy as lead and it is tough. But the pain is balanced with disarming humor and warmth. It is a genuine, joyful play with words and story. Feelgood mixed with darkness. Jenny Jägerfeld has written a magnificent book about Sigge and his diverse and fantastic family, a book that is ultimately about everyone’s grand, golden lives.”