Andreas Norman

June 2020. A desperate woman is forcibly admitted to the hospital’s psychiatric ward. According to the doctors, she is psychotic. She herself claims that she must prevent a terrorist attack.

Bente Jensen leads an infiltration against Swedish right-wing extremists and is closing in on a group of brutal members. Online there are rumors of an upcoming attack. But when the threat turns out to be closer, Bente’s existence is ruined and she is forced to go into close combat with an elusive enemy from her past. Meanwhile, powerful forces gather for an attack that can change Sweden’s future forever.

Black Sun is a contemporary thriller, a multifaceted story about the boundaries between love and hate, friendship and politics in a world where no one can be trusted.

Black Sun is the third stand-alone title with Bente Jensen.

350 pages


Sweden: Albert Bonniers förlag


”Andreas Norman succeeds in creating a credible plot, which is often a problem in books in this genre. Even when it comes to pure action episodes he is excellent. In addition, he manages to surprise with nice plot twists.  It is a while between the books by Norman’s thrillers, but they are worth the wait. Five out of five.”
DAST Magazin, SWE

“Extremely exciting introduction, and then it gets better. And you do not need to have read previous parts in the series about the secret agent Bente Jenssen to keep up with Norman’s tight plot where the focus is on, the probably underestimated, threat from right-wing extremist movements. Thoroughly researched but also well written, with accurate dialogue and engaging characters, and a little romance that balances the gunfights.”
M Magazine / SWE

“A well-written page turner – exciting, surprising and credible down to the smallest detail. Andreas Norman gradually increases the pace and I read and read like crazy until the explosive end. ”
Aftonbladet / SWE

“Black Sun is an excellent representative of this genre of reality-based thriller. There are no Bond-esque gadgets or mad villains – instead, there is an unnervingly real threat posed to everyday society and the good guys are left to combat it through desk-based analysis and old-fashioned legwork. Setting the novel during the pandemic might be regarded as bold, but Norman pulls it off with aplomb – leaving the non-Swedish reader with the eerie feeling that the events it describes might actually have occurred and simply been missed in the deluge of other 2020 headlines. Norman has always written well about what he knows, but I sense in Svart sol that he has really found his literary stride. This title will surely have no difficulties in succeeding when exported, but for those with Swedish I would recommend reading it now.
Swedish Book Review / SWE

”This is a very well written and believable thriller, in high tempo, which should do well as a TV series.”
Folkbladet / SWE

”Strong thriller about real threats to society.”
Kapprakt / SWE

”Fast pace and terribly exciting. And completely credible.”
Bokfilosoferna / SWE

”Incredibly exciting from the first to the last page.
Bokluckan / SWE

”I actually didn’t see the big twist coming. Very well done.”
ReadingLiz / SWE

”This book is uninterrupteldy intersting.”
Tankaromlitteratur / SWE

“I did not want it to end. The resolution is painfully exciting.”
Diana’s bookshelf

“I am on the edge the whole time. Slick, smart and entertaining. ”
Inthemoodforreading / SWE

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