Ulrika Lagerlöf

A wuthering love story set in the magnificent forests of Sweden, that lifts forgotten female heroes and climate issues spanning over generations.

Cloudberry Mire unfolds in two parallel timelines, following the young girl Siv, who works as a female cook in a forest cabin in northern Sweden in the late 1930s, and her granddaughter Eva, who works for a logging company in the present day.

In 1938, Siv is sent by her family to work as a cook in a forest cabin in northern Sweden. Deep in the forest, in severe cold, she must wash the dishes, fetch firewood and water, keep the cabin warm and clean and put food on the table for ten men. It becomes a transformative experience where both liberation and the love of her life await.

In 2022 Eva is sent to the small community Djupsele in northern Sweden by her employer to quell wild protests against deforestation. As tensions escalate, she must confront the media, environmental activists, and the Sami village, but in the wake of the conflict, she also finds clues to her own family history.

Cloudberry Mire marks the beginning of a series of novels where women take center stage in the narrative of the magnificent Swedish forest and the conflicts surrounding it. The second part, Pale Soil unfolds in the late 1940s, and the third, Heartwood in the late 1950s.


Denmark: Alpha
Finland: Otava
Germany: Gutkind
Norway: Aschehoug
Sweden: Romanus & Selling


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