Dreamer (Särskild)

Nene Ormes

It’s late summer in Malmö and time for the Malmö Festival, an annual high point for Touched and ordinary people alike. But behind the music, the cheerful scenes and festival stalls, darkness and secrets brood.

Odda has started to dream again, and her dreams lead her back to the charismatic shape shifter Hemming, and the enigmatic Oracle. Odda’s abilities make her to both an asset and a threat for the powers active in the touched world of Malmö. There are those who want to use her, but others fear her and want to destroy her. Magrete, Hemming’s brutal master, does not like that Odda has sworn her loyalty to the Oracle and a conflict is imminent. Shape shifters, Dreamers, fire-breathers and Oracles – who will leave the battle as a winner?

254 pages


Sweden: Styxx fantasy


Illusion Film, Sweden

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