Touched (Udda verklighet)

Nene Ormes

Touched is a novel taking place in a Malmö existing parallel and under to the city, among people whose lives are ruled by different framework and regulations. It is an exciting, thrilling, scary, sexy and innovative Swedish urban fantasy.

Odda wakes up from a dream about a woman who runs for her life across the railroad tracks outside Malmö Central Station, and at first, she doesn’t know what is real and what is a dream. Odda has always been tormented by insomnia, nocturnal hallucinations and bizarre dreams for as long as she can remember, but this was worse than usual. Her best friend Daniel suggests that they look the place up where the woman no longer could outrun the ones chasing her, and they find it: a manhole cover close to the railroad tracks. The cover is stained with blood.

Once back home, Odda does not want to accept that her bizarre, scary dreams can actually be true – and she surely does not want anything to do with what happened at the manhole. But Daniel does, for him this is an adventure. He takes off, on his own, down to the manhole … and disappears.

But he is not completely gone. Odda dreams about him. And she dreams about another man, who seems to be involved in a different world including oracles, shape shifters, touched creatures and people with supernatural abilities living unnoticed among ordinary humans. A world where doors between time and space that we are not used to exist. A world Odda now has to enter in order to find Daniel. A world where many would be interested in someone like Odda, a Dreamer.

254 pages


Denmark: Turbine
Sweden: Styxx fantasy


Illusion Film, Sweden


“Nene Ormes has created a very fascinating universe in the middle of our familiar reality. Shape shifters, vampires and other creatures with strange abilities living among ordinary people in Malmö’s streets and houses. Touched is great urban fantasy novel, the language is alive and accessible, so the book is quick read – almost too quick. I wish it was a little longer and I hope there will be more in the series – it cannot end here.”
Litteratursiden / DK

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