Ida Axelsson & Åsa Bonelli

When seventeen-year-old Leo is found tortured and murdered in a bare shelter in one of Stockholm’s northern suburbs, Billie decides to go undercover as a teacher at his high school. A police murder in connection with what initially seemed to be a routine raid has devastating consequences for Billie’s best friend, police officer Klara.

Nineteen-year-old Denise sits in her teenage room dreaming of a city life, away from the suburb. Dreams that lead her down paths from which there is no turning back.
Three destinies in a wounded society intertwine, forcing Billie to dive into a world she has previously avoided. A world where the ends justify all means.

Justify All Means is the second standalone installment in the series about Billie Karlsson, the successful investigative journalist and the woman behind the award-winning true crime podcast “Truth.”


Denmark: Cicero & WAPI (Gyldendal)
the Netherlands: De Fontein
Sweden: Bokfabriken


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