Ida Axelsson & Åsa Bonelli

Billie Karlsson is a successful investigative journalist and the woman behind the award-winning true crime podcast Truth. Known for being fearless, straightforward and for never giving up, Billie’s search for answers in unsolved crimes takes her all across the country.

My name is Billie Karlsson and you are listening to Truth. Sensitive listeners are warned.

The tragic murder of a sixteen-year-old, found shot dead, sends shockwaves through the small village of Svedby. The murder reminds everyone of the death of another girl, six years ago, which was never cleared up. At the same time, evil forces are at work and if they succeed with their plans, life in the sleepy little town will never be the same.

Billie Karlsson, the successful podcaster and journalist, is determined to reveal the truth of what really happened at the quarry six years ago and what dark secrets led to the murder of an innocent teenage girl.

Silent Rage is the first installment in a new series, written by the successful and experienced author duo Ida Axelsson & Åsa Bonelli.

384 pages


Denmark: Cicero & WAPI (Gyldendal)
Netherlands: De Fontein
Sweden: Bokfabriken


“A successful blend of silent rage and everyday details. […] There is a really good sense of presence. […] It feels realistic, patient without exaggeration. It is a great combination of crime and undramatic everyday events.”
Borås Tidning / SWE

“It’s fresh, fast paced, well written, thrilling and very entertaining. […] A strong start of a new series.”
Kapprakt / SWE

“Axelsson and Bonelli write skillfully; they have done their research and are knowledgeable. The characters feel real, and the story is engaging and exciting.”

“What a page-turner! It is thrilling, fresh and imbued of compassion and humanity. “
Boksann / SWE

“First part in a new suspense series that I instantly wanted more of. Silent Rage are a stretch read and it takes the readers trough darkness and suspense, with shivers.”
Colourfulandcreativedesign / SWE

“A page-turner […] Can’t wait for the next part!”
Agnethas boktips / SWE

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