THE MONSTER AT THE CIRCUS (Monstret på cirkusen)

Mats Strandberg
Illustrations by Sofia Falkenhem

The clown stopped. He looked in our direction, as if he had heard us. The white makeup was almost luminous. It looked spooky and scary. I crouched in the grass. My heart was beating really, really hard.

Frank has finally gotten some friends the town where he lives, but they are all monsters and he cannot tell anyone about them. Frank wants nothing more than for his two worlds to meet. But the humans’ fear of monsters grows stronger and stronger. Everything comes to a head when Kryger the Clown comes to town. He promises to catch the monsters and force them to perform at his circus.

The Monster at the Circus is the second part of Mats Strandberg’s and Sofia Falkenhem’s series about Frank the Monster.

143 pages


Denmark: Alvilda
The Faroe Islands: Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags
Germany: WooW Books
Iran: Parian Publications
Israel: Tal May/Yediot Aharonot Books
Italy: DeAgostini
Lithuania: Alma Littera
Norway: Omnipax
Poland: Czarna Owieczka
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren

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Junibacken, Sweden


“It’s exciting, it’s sweet and wise, and it’s a book to warmly recommend. Some will read it as a pure excitement story. I hope that the book also finds readers of reflected children who can live into morality and the skepticism of mass hysteria.”
Aftenposten / NO

“My daughters love these books, and however impossible it would seem, they like The Monster At The Circus even more than the first one. I must say I have never heard louder protests when I stop reading, or as inventive methods of bribery to keep me going.”
Boktokig, blog / SWE

“…a new, emotional, exciting and sometimes scary adventure… (Frank is) a believable character who can give comfort to many.”
Sofies bokblogg / SWE

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