Emmy Abrahamson & Hanna Jedvik

The radio journalists Ann and Esti are thrown into the midst of a new case: two women have disappeared without a trace. Both women were members of the Well of Happiness, an organization that teaches yoga and spiritual wellbeing at a castle in the rural south of Sweden. Is there a link?

In their hunt for answers, Ann and Esti find their way into the organization’s inner circle. At the same time, Ann is battling with an ever-growing desire to escape her mundane life, while Esti is torn between the DJ Zuke and the mysterious John who she meets at the Castle.

The Well of Happiness is the second book in The Radio Heroes series, a series about two radio journalists who must work together, while being each other’s polar opposites.

271 pages


Finland: Gummerus
Sweden: Albert Bonniers


“The tone is lively and funny, and the chapters are short and quick to read. […] The Well of Happiness is a light and cozily humorous suspense novel that offers a nice and engaging read for the crime reader who doesn’t want too much violence.”

“The narrator’s perspective constantly shifts between Ann and Esti, who despite obvious differences have formed a bond since the last book. /…/ which is a nicely portrayed development. This balance is the strength of the entertaining Radio Heroes series; the humour is dark and hilarious, but there is also a real darkness and an ever-present love for the characters.”
Göteborgs-Posten / SWE

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