Emmy Abrahamson & Hanna Jedvik

Reporters Ann Ek and Esti Przybyszewski finally get their big break when they are asked to produce a podcast about painter Niki Falc who has died by suicide at his home in the south of Sweden. Ann and Esti could be a real dream team if only they could learn to work together…

How will the podcast go for the chaotic Ann and the organised Esti when they can’t stand each other, and Niki Falc’s family never seem to be telling the truth?

The Great Artist is a warm, humorous and fast-paced suspense novel with two unexpected heroes to take to the heart. It is the first book in The Radio Heroes series, a new series about two radio journalists who must work together, while being each other’s polar opposites.

251 pages


Finland: Gummerus
The Netherlands: Pelckmans
Sweden: Albert Bonniers



“Emmy Abrahamson and Hanna Jedvik are experienced authors and together they have written an entertaining novel that entice for stretch reading. The Great Artist is funny, ironic, and easy to grasp. (…) The book is skillfully written from Esti and Ann’s perspective and shows how they struggle with each other’s differences as well as interviewees in the form of eccentric relatives and friends.” Rating: 4/5

“… the settings, the characters and a drastic twist at the end is neatly put together. I’m already looking forward to the next adventure with this wayward superhero duo…”
Göteborgs-Posten / SWE

“I really enjoyed hangning with Ann and Esti and looking forward to the next book which is already said to be ready. I’m patiently waiting for new assignments for these radio journalists. Will they become friends?”
Smålandsposten / SWE

“This author duo seems to have found their own track with more journalists than police and a bigger dose of humor than coziness. …. The perspective constantly shifts between Ann and Esti, which is a popular and not infrequently tired and comfortable approach in both suspense and feelgood, but which fits unusually well here.”
Hallands-Posten / SWE

“Emmy Abrahamson and Hanna Jedvik have written several books in each other, and it is noticeable. The literary craft sits like a slap, the storytelling tempo is high, environments and characters are portrayed with care and concretion.”
Alba / SWE

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