(Vespers Vidunderliga Äventyr)

Ida Kjellin

Cryptozoology: the study of fabled/mythical animals

London 1926

Vesper MacKinnon has a problem. And for the first time it is not related to the temperature of the champagne nor the fact that she is appearing in the gossip columns after her adventures on one of all the notorious parties she attends.

Vesper is out of money and her carefree existence as irresponsible heiress is coming to an end. She is now forced to leave her merry life and her nice London home to settle in the neglected MacKinnon castle in Scotland. But when things look at its worst, Vesper stumbles over something sensational. A secret that has to do with her long-lost father …

Adam MacKinnon was a crypto-zoologist, and disappeared without a trace in the Congo jungles during an expedition in search for the world’s most famous mythical animals. Vesper decides to follow in her father’s footsteps, to lead an expedition and finish what he started. But not only is she forced into a race against her biggest rival, it also seems that someone is after Vesper’s life.

Vespers Monstrous Adventures is an adventure comedy with matinee feeling, an escapism that takes you from England’s grand estates via Scottish ruins and luxury cruisers to the final goal: Congo’s unexplored and mysterious jungles.

11 hours 30 min, 10 episodes


Sweden: Storyside

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