Why Democracy. On Knowledge and Rule of The Many.
(Därför demokrati: Om kunskapen och folkstyret)

Åsa Wikforss

In Why Democracy, Åsa Wikforss clarifies what role knowledge has in a democracy and explains why and in what way the threats to knowledge represents a threat to democracy.

The book aims to spread knowledge about one of our times most important questions and to give us the tools necessary to shield democracy in this post-truth era.

Åsa Wikforss’ brother Mårten Wikforss, journalist, contributes with reflections on the unique character and special values of democracy.

Why Democracy is a clever and passionate active defence of the only form of government that is actually in our own hands.

242 pages

Complete English translation and synopsis available. Oder here.


Hungary: Typotex
Norway: Pax
Spain: Tecnos (Spanish World Rights)
Sweden: Fri Tanke
Ukraine: 21-Publishers


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