We are so happy to announce that Anna Jansson once again has won the Norstedts statuette“Norstedtaren” – an award in honour of being a bestseller.  


The statuette is distributed by Norstedts, to Norstedts authors, when one of their books has passed 100 000 sold copies. This is the fifth time Anna wins this prestigious prize, this time with her novel Swift Wings of Death which is the 24th book in her Maria Wern-series.  

Congratulations Anna! 


Swift Wings of Death: 

Two children search the tunnels under Visby and find the hall of the dead, a stone cave in the underworld, which, according to rumors, was a secret meeting place for the monks of the monastery and later used by baby farmers. Thirty-five years later, a broker makes a horrific discovery. At a house showing, a woman is found dead, sitting in a car in the garage. She is identified as the missing Märta Silverängen, a 34-year-old archaeologist who explored and mapped the tunnels under Visby. Maria Wern leads the murder investigation and at the same time is secretly watched by an unknown person, a lost soul who knew everything about Märta Silverängen. In Swift wings of death, Anna Jansson builds a nerve-wracking plot that takes us on a journey to Visby’s underworld – literally. Power play, murders and cruel human fates unfold in a gripping murder story.