Lone Theils: number 1 in Denmark!

Lone Theils toghether with Marie Sandø at the Copenhagen Book Fair.

Repressed has broken all records on Mofibo, Danish Storytel

Unreedemed (Uforløst) is the third book in Lone Theils Homecoming-series. It came out on October 24th and has broken all records on Mofibo, Danish Storytel. Over the first 14 days, it had more than 13 000 listens, which equals over 100 000 hours. It has been number one on Mofibo’s top ten list for more than ten days, and has gotten very high ratings from the listeners.

In addition to this, Lone’s podcast Crime and Punishment (together with Janne Aagard), has also claimed the number one spot, on Mofibos podcast list. To crown these amazing weeks, Lone visited the Copenhagen Book Fair last week, where she meet some of her fans, as well as Marie Sandø, the leading star in the upcoming tv-series based on Lone’s book Fatal Crossing.