Gustav Tegby

A depressed nine-year-old who drives a taxi.
A friendly, supernaturally strong teenage ogre who easily loses her temper.
A grumpy ex-gnome who works as a private detective. 

These are but a few of the new acquaintances Dorian makes after he finds out that he’s a changeling, a mythical being that has grown up as a human. A new, overwhelming reality reveals itself, where all of nature babbles on constantly and an idyllic cottage can hide an army with plans for world domination. Where dead guinea pigs in fast food boxes come back to life, and the all-knowing giant Mimer’s head keeps court in an old theatre building. Where your parents might not be your real ones. Where everything is both more beautiful, more difficult and more strange than you had ever imagined.

Dorian now realizes why he’s always felt a bit odd. But he also realizes that he has powers. And that maybe, he has accidentally used those powers to do something terrible.

Army of Orphans is the first part of Changelings, a trilogy set in an enchanted version of contemporary Stockholm, where beings from Nordic mythology live hidden among us, and magic is always around the corner. The second part and the finale to be published during 2023.

260 pages


Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren

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“A really good book about friendship and mythological beings.”
Summer reading tip, SvD /SWE

“high pace, fun dialogue, and a multitude of memorable characters”
Vi läser / SWE

“A story that is difficult to put down. Lots of intertextual references, unexpected twists and raw humor. (…) a true literary pleasure.” Rating: 5 of 5

“Meetings between queer teenage romance, Nordic mythology and a dose of role-playing aesthetics. And what meetings then! Warning for stretch reading! (…) Exciting. Fun and witty with a psychological depth. Exquisite language.
Västerbottenskuriren /SWE

“With a lot of humor mixed with sadness and tension, Tegby manages to captivate the reader from the first page. I’m looking forward to the sequel.”
Kapitelochkaka /SWE

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