Blue Notes (Blå toner)

Anne Cathrine Bomann

What happens when we turn the existential pain of losing a loved one into a mental decease?

A Danish medical company has developed the world’s first pill for pathological grief, and at Aarhus University a research group is finishing a study on the new medicine. But psychology professor Thorsten Gjeldsted suspects that someone has manipulated the numbers to hide a disturbing side effect.

But neither his colleagues nor the medical company will listen, and Thorsten ends up involving two of his students in his own private investigation. Anna, who has recently experienced grief up close herself, and Shadi, who prefers a quiet life in the shadows, but whose statistical skills are indispensable. Together, the three of them try to get to the bottom of what is really going on before Callocain is released to the entire Danish population.

Blue Notes is a novel about grief, love and science. Examining the question of how far we should go in a world where new diagnosis and treatment possibilities constantly present themselves. How much grief is too much? And how far should we go to avoid pain?

The novel is written by psychologist Anne Cathrine Bomann and shares important themes with her debut novel Agathe. The search for identity and a place in the world for one, but also the exploration of loneliness and the ever difficult relations between people – and of the healing power of love.

338 pages


Canada (French): Éditions La Peuplade
Czech Republic: Host
Denmark: Lindhart & Ringhof
Estonia: Hea Lugu
France: Éditions La Peuplade
Germany: Hanserblau
The Netherlands: Signatuur


Dagbladenes Bureau / DK

“Grief has become a disease, and it raises an incredible number of questions. Anne Cathrine Bomann, who is both an author and a psychologist, has seized the challenge and gives the whole issue an ethically based narrative in the captivating science novel Blue Notes. Blue Notes is not a crime novel, but an interpersonal and disturbingly realistic drama. The built-in suspense – abruptly completed chapters that act as cliffhangers, and cunning characters – serves primarily as the engine in a depiction of the people dealing with the pill and its far from reassuring side effects.
Alongside the main track run two vastly different love stories. They not only give the story fullness and sensuality, but at the same time ensure in a very natural and believable way that there is a depth in the understanding of the close connection between love and sorrow.
Blue Notes is well-written, well-oiled and professionally well-founded. The novel’s strength lies in the author’s ability to portray the different expressions of grief through the individual characters and their life story. Which opens up the discussion of whether grief is really a disease or “only” an inevitable reaction to a loss. That is what you can call a novel of contemporary relevance.”
JyllandsPosten / DK

“A super well-written novel that deals with current and relevant themes about grief processing, diagnoses and medication. With short chapters that alternate between the book’s main characters, the pages of the book almost turn themselves. Also suitable for reading circles. ”
Library Book Report / DK

“a captivating novel about grief, science and love. I was hooked from the start”
Anettes Litteratursalon / DK

Blue Notes is published today, and I can honestly say that my expectations were high. Anne Cathrine Bomann has written two of the books that stand out most clearly in my memory from my 4 years on bookstagram. She knows how to portray human emotions so that they crawl under the reader’s skin and takes place in the chest like a precise reflection. […] Blue Notes is recommended for anyone who, like me, loves to think about the nuances of life in everything from life to mind. Even when they seem darkest. Congratulations on the release! It more than lived up to my expectations.”
Mark med vilje / DK

“The survey intertwines the characters in the most beautiful way.”
Knirkes bøger / DK

“Before I started reading Blue Notes, my knowledge of Bomann was minimal, and I had absolutely no expectations of what experience awaited me. However, I had a hope that I would find the book interesting – and let me put it this way; I was certainly not disappointed!
Blue Notes is without a doubt a candidate to be one of the best books I have read this year!”
Bag om bøger / DK

“A book that should be made into a film. A true page turner from the first page that I flew through in no time.
Anne Cathrine Bomann has written a captivating and relevant thriller about grief, science and love, which lasts throughout. The plot is exciting and original, and the pace is constantly high. As a reader, you are kept on your toes by the many short chapters with changing narrators.”
Bog.dag.bog / DK

“It’s been a long time since I’ve rushed through a book like I did with Blue Notes. Psychiatry, grief, love and a kind of crime plot moves the book forward and immediately captured me.
Read it if you like books that almost read themselves.”
Bogsulten / DK