Anne Cathrine Bomann

Bomann_What No One Knows_DK_Omslag

Two brothers in a house full of secrets.

Imse is in 7th grade and is either bullied or ignored by the other kids in school. He loves to watch documentaries and read philosophy books – an interest he shares with his father, who he misses more than anything else in the world.

When Imse’s teacher forces him to help a girl in his class with math, everything begins to change. But what is the cost of no longer being invisible?

Jonas is Imse’s half-brother. He dropped out of Technical school and now works as a coach at the local table tennis club. He dreams of winning the Danish championship with the club’s young talent. But the more time Jonas spends with the eleven-year-old player, the more confused he gets about his feelings for him, and gradually Jonas is forced to see himself in a new shocking light.

What No One Knows is a story about family and friendship, and about having to hide who you are.

260 pages


Denmark: Gyldendal


What No One Knows is for me the book of the year, and without a doubt among the best and most important books I have ever read.”
Drenge til tjeneste / DK

“I generally love books that touch taboos, and this one really did. Well-written, honestly written and successfully written!”
Amalie Anmelder / DK

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