The Follower (Den tusende följaren)

Jenny Milewski

Thousands of loyal followers, but one you wish you had never met!

Stella is 17 and has everything. Friends, the school’s most popular and good looking boyfriend and lots of followers on social media signed by her signature Stella Star. The contract with the large management company is within reach and except for her mother’s tiresome nagging about school grades Stella’s life is perfect. Until Nova Star turns up.

Who is the mysterious girl who pretends to be Stella online, steals her fans and picking up guys in her name? The police is helpless, and when Stella tries to defend herself, she ends up with a storm of hatred online. While life is raging, Stella has to venture into the darkest corners of Internet to find the answer to the mystery. During the chase Stella learns a painful truth; among the thousands of loyal followers there can be one you wish you had never met.

218 pages


Sweden: Natur & Kultur


“Jenny Milewski writes really great suspense. You read The Follower with your heart in your mouth over Stella’s desperate struggle for someone to listen and help her. It is a surprisingly educational novel that conveys the understanding that one should be careful with what you make public online. However, this you do not realize until afterwards, when your heart beat has slowed down to normal speed. That’s when you start to review your own habits.”
Dagens Nyheter / SWE

“Imagine thousands, and thousands of followers, imagine someone viciously high-jacking your account and pretending to be you, and the ones who used to like you become your enemies. The Follower portrays a horrific image of today, with bullying, unhappy families, schools without a chance to make a change – and the consolation in the virtual world, which also turns its back when it comes down to it. But gladly, the book is also about friendship and sweet love growing slowly. Extraordinary well written and with a high sense of presence. Actually a little jewel.”

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