In the second “Monster monster” book, Engelbrekt calls Tove, Musse, Charlie, Johanna and Oliver for help. A new monster has shown up, and Engelbrekt needs the five children and their special abilities.

It turns out that a real mummy is walking around in the school corridors. It is creepy and angry and has a piece of jewelry which it can use to hypnotize people with. In addition, when the children come closer, it turns out the mummy is a champion at karate! How do you defeat someone who can both hypnotize you and also know all possible karate strikes? The karate mummy seems to be heading somewhere: towards Glänteby’s Museum where there is an exhibition on which the mummy is very interested in. Only the kids can stop it with using their creative superpowers.

104 pages

MONSTER MONSTER website (in Swedish)


Sweden: Egmont


“Amazing and exciting book series full of magic, action and super powers!”
Elias Våhlund – author of Handbook for Superheroes.


”A well written and nice story, a little less violent than the first part, about ordinary children who become superheroes only by using their skills. Lucas Svedberg’s illustrations are very nice, black-and-whilte and a bit inspired by Manga a spot on to the story.”
Bibliotekstjänst / SWE

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