10-year-old Samuel moves with his mother and two sisters to an apartment in an old building. Samuel feels that no one cares about him. His mother never has time for him, and his sisters don’t want to play with him.

The apartment has a sad story. The family who previously lived there had a daughter who disappeared without a trace, no one knows what happened to her.

Shortly, mystical things start to happen. There are ash leftovers in the food in the pantry. At night, you can hear child steps. Sometimes when Samuel is about to go to sleep, it seems like someone is standing in the corner of his room.

In the stairwell, Samuel meets an old lady who tells him that almost one hundred years ago a baby farmer lived in his apartment. Long time ago, baby farmers or angel makers took care of unwanted young children – their job was to let the children die.

Can the creature Samuel sees at night, be the baby farmer haunting? The sound of children’s steps, are they the dead children who cannot find peace? Does the baby farmer have anything to do with the missing girl?

And the biggest question of all: if the farmer took care of unwanted children – what does it want with Samuel?

128 pages

Illustrations by Lucas Svedberg


Sweden: Egmont publishing


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