Anna Breitholtz Monsén

“Angela was like an exotic cocktail in a small town where people were used to light beers. Maria was not even a light beer, but more like a lukewarm glass of low-fat milk in the school cafeteria”.

That was in the year 1989. What seems like a lifetime later, Maria Stener moves back to the small town of Sandinge with her teenage daughter Tilde. Soon, she starts receiving strange calls from an unknown number in the middle of the night. When her daughter then finds a dead woman in the solarium in the local gym, Maria is forced to confront and grapple with the past. Nothing suggests murder, until the police find a frightening message. The murderer seems to be motivated by revenge, and they must race to find out why before more people become victims. The police turn to Lina Lantz for help. Lina has been hired by a private security company to protect the owner of the gym chain, the wealthy Swedish-American Joey Wulf. The job becomes more difficult than Lina ever could have imagined. Can she risk her life for a man she hates? And is he the one that needs to be protected from the outside world, or is it the other way around?

The Suncatcher – a crime novel about revenge, friendship, and the broken dreams of the 1980s – is the freestanding third book following Anna Breitholtz Monsén’s roaring debut, The Beach, and sequel, The Castle. The series features Lina Lantz, her wayward grandfather, and the colorful police officer Madde, and is set in the fictional coastal community of Sandinge, where the ex-police Lina Lantz has opened a cat hotel. The crime stories are characterized by both darkness and warmth, are about finding your own way in the world.


Denmark: Bokfabriken
Sweden: Bokfabriken


“The author insightfully describes the settings and people with everyday problems and secrets, there is also a blackness and a social commitment that raises the story above the usual cosy crime novels.” Rating: 4 of 5

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