Anna Breitholtz Monsén

The remains of an unknown person are found in a black garbage bag on the grounds of Sindstaholm Castle outside Sandinge.

At the same time, the eighty-year-old owner of the castle, Tyra Syderhielm, is reported missing by her grandchildren. Lina’s grandfather, the retired police officer Eskil, is convinced that his friend Tyra is in danger. Lina, who wants to celebrate a quiet Christmas with her grandfather and her cats, becomes drawn into a new murder story against her will.

The Castle is the standalone sequel to Anna Breitholtz Monsén’s praised debut The Beach. Again she manages to mix a trustworthy and complicated crime case with the close relationships between Lina and her close ones.

412 pages


Finland: Minerva Kustannus
Sweden: Bokfabriken


“The castle is a well-written detective story with a complex murder story. The castle environment and the old lady give the story an old-fashioned, classic feeling,”

“It develops to a winding story with many trails, both amusing and suspenseful, with some bonus in the form of interesting women’s history,”
Kapprakt / SWE