Ana Porss

Anna wants more with her life than working in the kitchen at Hotel du Nord in the small city of Borås and emigrates to America as a single woman. In Chicago, she gets a job as a maid and gets to know another Swedish woman, Karin. Together, they explore the city where both honest people and criminals live.

Anna feels rootless and eventually she seeks her way further west. In Hollywood, she gets a job as a cook in the movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn’s home. There she serves movie stars like Charlie Chaplin and Marlene Dietrich and one night Greta Garbo looks for her in the kitchen. The wife in the house, the actress Frances Howard Goldwyn, becomes Anna’s best friend and in the evenings she sneaks in to Annas room to talk about her problems. Anna likes to listen, but her own worries, and the secret she has carried since leaving Sweden, is something she keeps to herself. But then one day she gets a letter and Anna decides to dare to take the steps towards the dream she has had for so long.

The Way There is about rootlessness and dreams, but also about the love all people need. It is the third and last part in the Patriarchy trilogy, a series of historical novels which takes place between the years 1813 and 1960 and which is based on a true family history.


Sweden: LB Förlag


”Entertaining page-turner (…) a gripping historical novel. Even though The Way There is the last part of a trilogy, it can be read independently.” Rating:4

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