Mattias Leivinger & Johannes Pinter

Detective Inspector Iris Riverdal is recovering from being taken hostage and having to fight a battle of life and death. Now that everything is over, she hopes to heal, go back to a normal life, and to start working again.

Out of nowhere she is struck by a new, brutal attack, a reminder sent from the man behind her parents’ death. Iris is forced to realize that she can never be free as long as he is alive. Together with some scarred companions she sets out on a final, desperate trip, straight into the heart of darkness.

At the same time, her colleagues are in Ostrava to investigate the perpetrators who have shaken Sweden to its very core by their murder tour.  In cooperation with the Czech police, they follow the tracks pointing in one and the same direction: towards a powerful clan leader, the enigmatic Sergei Nexus, and a seemingly insignificant village in the Carpathian mountains. All forces converge in an explosive settlement where the ultimate goal of darkness goes far beyond what anyone could have imagined.

Today All Gods Die is the concluding part of the trilogy about police inspector Iris Riverdal.

400 pages


Sweden: Piratförlaget


”The authors keep the steam going in the last book in the trilogy and end in a nerve-wracking and elegant way to say the least. You want to read more. To those who are attracted to this refreshing imaginative combination of crime and the occult, the recommendation is; read Leivinger and Pinter.”

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