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As a child, Ida Kjellin was obsessed with trying to find Narnia in the big wardrobe in her unfortunately very un-magical home. After numerous disappointments she decided to try to create her own, more wonderful, worlds instead.

After a few years as a host for, and producer of, children’s television programs, she began writing TV series for the Swedish Television (SVT) and other channels. After courses in screen writing, both in Sweden and at the New York Film Academy, she began writing full time. She has now written a feature film, several tv series, radio drama, and a novel. Her work has been nominated for such prestigious prices as Kristallen (Best children drama 2015) and Guldbaggen (The audience’s price, Best movie of the year 2016). She has also worked as senior writer in an international writers room for a German/Dutch tv production.

Ida Kjellin writes for both children and adults. The adventure genre is her favorite, always with a sense of humor – and always with some sort of message to the viewers or readers.


2016 – Bamse and the Witch’s Daughter (Bamse och häxans dotter),  original film script, producer SF
2014 – The Palace of the Girls, original film script
2014 – The Secret of the Pirate’s Treasure, (Piratskattens hemlighet)Advent calender, Swedish television
2014 – Die Erben Der Nacht (The Heroes of the Night), vampire series for German television
2013 – Biciklo, The Magic Bicycle (Biciklo, den magiska cykeln), children’s series for Swedish television
2013 – Elsa’s World, tv-drama, Swedish TV3