BLACK DAWN (Svart gryning)

Cilla & Rolf Börjlind

Soundtrack to The Black Dawn

Olivia Rönning has decided to go back to her job in the police force and has gotten a temporary placement in Höganäs, in Skåne. When the small town Arild is struck by a horrifying murder on a child, Olivia is drawn into the investigation.

A few days later another child is killed. This time in Värmdö, outside Stockholm. Seven-year-old Aram has had his neck twisted the same way as three-year-old Emelie in Arild. The rumor about the brutal murders echoes across the country, and Mette Olsäter at The National Bureau of Investigation gets involved in the case. The suspicions fall on racist groups which have addressed threats to both the children’s parents.

Tom Stilton’s friend Ronny gives him a book which has been handed in to his antique book shop. In the book there are a large number of newspaper clippings. They are all about an unsolved murder case from 2006, on a pregnant upscale prostitute. “The Jill Case” was the case Stilton was maneuvered away from, and which he has never been able to forget.

When Marianne Boglund at SKL, Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science, gets a hit in the register she looks Mette Olsäter up. The test results lead the investigation onto a strange path.

Black Dawn is the third book in the acclaimed crime series by Cilla and Rolf Börjlind about Olivia Rönning and Tom Stilton.

419 pages


Belgium: AW Bruna
Brazil: Rocco
Croatia: Znanje
Czech Republic: Euromedia
Denmark: Gyldendal
Estonia: Kirjastus Sinisukk
Finland: Schildts & Söderström
France: Editions du Seuil
Germany: btb/Random House
Iceland: Forlagid
Israel: Kinneret Zmora
Italy: Nord/Mauri Spagnol
Latvia: Zvaigzne ABC Publishers
Lithuania: Media Incognito/Obuolys
The Netherlands: AW Bruna
Norway: Gyldendal
Poland: Sonia Draga
Russia: EKSMO
Slovakia: Ikar a.s.
Slovenia: Hisa knjig
Spain: Ediciones B (REVERTED RIGHTS)
Sweden: Norstedts


Pampas Film, Sweden


“The third part in the series by the Börjlind couple shows a high result. Black dawn gets the highest score, 5 stars, thanks to the brave and well-chosen theme. ”
Perfect Neighbors Reading Club / NL

“This super exciting novel has a complicated, well-developed plot, recognizable main characters and a surprisingly convincing final.”
NBD Biblion / NL

”Cilla and Rolf Börjlind takes us to unusual pleaces. This is a very successful follow up on the previous Stilton och Rönning novels”.
Krimikiste / DE

”Solid and thrilling.”
Tom Egeland, VG / NO

”The best Börjlind thriller so far.”
Stavanger Aftenblad / NO

“Börjlinds belong to the very top of the new crime authors. They have a specific agenda and they write well composed and thrilling, with interesting characters.”
Smålandsposten / SWE

Black Dawn deals with the murder of children with racist overtones, and it’s equally disgusting horrible as it is well written and exciting. Another page turner!”

“The book gives a dark picture of our times, where the subsurface is evil beyond words. Cilla and Rolf Börjlind show that the detective novel is very effective in illumating social problems. Black Dawn is crisply written and the characters we follow in the book series becomes more and more interesting.”
Ölandsbladet / SWE

“It is fortunate that we have all these Swedish crime stories to escorting us in the analyzes of the world. Those who take the pulse of what’s going on and how we respond to it. Successful writers also know that in order to satisfy today’s impatient readers, the stories must be fast and thrilling. Short scenes, driven tempo. A given concept. And for us who are looking for good books to read, there are great qualities with the Börjlinds.”
Arbetaren / SWE

“Börjlinds belong in the top tier of the new crime writers. They have an explicit subject and target for their writing and especially around election time as we have in Sweden right now, it is good to be reminded of what lurks beneath the polished surface of the nationalistic circles. Moreover, it is well written and exciting with very interesting characters.”
Borås Tidning / SWE

“The Börjlinds, who in addition to writing books have written a million screenplays, hold dialogues in their hands. The timing is perfect and has a great tone and accuracy. This time, it takes place in racist Sweden. The language is polished and sharp. The chapters are short and quick. It’s cinematic in scene after scene. There are plenty of environmental descriptions. We are at the police station and the bistro and many more locations and most of the story takes place in 2013 in “deep Skåne darkness.” It is easy to read and might seem glansingly, but beyond the quick scenes the dark questions echo: “– You have diluted your Swedish genes with nigger seed. How could you?” At this point, you sense the smoke from the ashtray. The fire is still not extinguished.”
Helsinborgs Dagblad / SWE

“The Börjlinds sure know how to write a book, and I am very impressed with how, apparently, easily they pick up all the loose ends and wrap it all up after 423 pages.”
Mariestadstidningen / SWE

“Börjlinds are back, in great shape.”
NorraSkå / SWE

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