Siri Pettersen

Juva hates blood readers. Praised for their Sight, they are nothing but swindlers, preying on people’s fears, for power and profit. Born by blood readers herself, she knows only too well, and she has vowed never to become one of them.

But when her family is threatened by vardari, the eerie lasting ones, who never age, Juva is desperately entangled in a hunt for the blood readers’ legacy: a dark secret that once changed the world, and may do so again.

In order to survive, she has to confront the childhood memory she fought to forget: That time she saw the devil.

The Iron Wolf is a spellbinding fantasy mystery on a norse foundation, about blood, desire and addiction. It’s the first book in the trilogy Vardari, an independent series set in the universe of the award-winning fantasy phenomenon, The Raven Rings.

A little girl is forced to forget that she saw the devil.
An immortal commits murder to conceal an old sin.
A wolf-sick betrays his lover to obtain eternal life.
A mysterious clockwork starts ticking after six hundred years.
A grim secret, guarded for generations, has gone missing.


Czech Republic: Host
Denmark: Gyldendal
Finland: Art House/Jalava
Germany: Arctis
Italy: Multiplayer
Norway: Gyldendal
Poland: Rebis
Sweden: B. Wahlström