The Might (Evna)

Siri Pettersen

Having left our world through the ports, Hirka enters Dreysil, the world of the blind ones. A world where she is considered an inadequate half blood. But Hirka is also evidence of the virility of Graal, and she shall lead the blind ones’ invasion of Ymslanda, her homeland.

Hirka now faces the most difficult choice of her life. What people does she belong to? Is it the blind ones, or the folk of Ymslanda? Who will get her loyalty? And what weighs heaviest: relation by blood, or the love for the ones she grew up with? In order to save the world Hirka must become everything she has previously hated and despised. A strategist. A warrior. One who calculates in lives …

502 pages


Brazil: Editoria Valentina
Czech Republic: Host
Denmark: Gyldendal
Finland: Art House/Jalava
Germany: Arctis
Israel: Sial Publishers
Italy: Multiplayer
Norway: Gyldendal
Poland: Rebis Publishing
Russia: Eksmo
Sweden: B. Wahlström
USA: Arctis US/W1-Media

Film rights

Maipo Film, Norway


“A strong narrative in which the two protagonists experience significant growth as they find their footing in an unforgiving world during their search for answers, peace, and, ultimately, love. A satisfying, powerful conclusion.”
Kirkus Magazine / USA

“With Siri Pettersen and her The Raven Rings Trilogy, Norway has gotten a fantasy queen who can pull the genre out of the basement and onto the bestseller arena. The extremely strong first book, Odin’s Child, showed that she had the ability to invent a delicious, immersive, and epic adventure. The second book, The Rot, came with an original contemporary link. Now with The Might she also mastered the most important thing: to gather her threads and pull it all together, with an ending that is worthy the diverse plot.”
Dagladet / NO

”Siri Pettersen shows master class.”
Bergens Tidene / NO

“This is a very strong ending of a series which I like a lot.” / NO

“What a reading experience! 6 out of 6.” / NO

“This is fantasy at high level. A real joy to read. Siri Pettersen collects the threads from the two previous book and creates a trustworthy sum up. It is raw, intelligent, gripping and beautiful.” / NO

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