You are 17 years old. It is summer, and everything looks the same as usual. But everyone knows what’s coming. In little more than a month, a comet is crashing into earth and we will all be gone.

How do you want to spend the last weeks?

What do you want to say to the ones you love?

How does it feel to know the exact date and time of your death?

And if we are all dying, what does one life more or less matter?

The End is the story of two lonely young people in a world living on borrowed time. A tragedy ties them together and the surrounding mystery grows into a mutual obsession. But will they find the answers before the sky is set aflame and the oceans evaporate?

When Mats Strandberg re enters the scene of YA he does it with at pre apocalyptic story at the end of the world. A story with similarities to Magnolia, and with a voice as clear as John Green’.

After two extremely successful horror novels for the adult audience Mats Strandberg is back with his first YA novel since the Engelsfors Trilogy. But this time, there is no magic to stop the apocalypse.

Mats Strandberg on the book:
“I instantly knew that this story had to be YA. It raises questions on how to live a full life in couple of months. Which choices will they make when sex and drugs no longer have any real consequences? And when the time has come, do they want to be with their friends or their parents

520 pages (wheresof 100 blank pages)

Rights sold

Finland: Like
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren