BLACK SAILS (Svarta segel)

Rebecka E. Aldén

It’s a scorching hot July day when Annika and her colleague Nadia from the sea rescue station come across a sailboat drifting aimlessly in the middle of open water in the Stockholm archipelago. It’s immediately clear that something is not right, and they steer in closer to find out what’s happened. The boat is empty.

A few days earlier, Joanna and her brother Zach start their sailing vacation together. They haven’t seen each other in years when they finally reunite on their father’s old jewel. The sea lies calm as a mirror and the archipelago could not be more beautiful as the two of them weigh anchor. Joanna is carrying a heavy grief but is looking forward to the sense of freedom and tranquility the sea has always brought her. But nothing goes as planned, for under its calm surface hides a deeper evil.

Black Sails is a dense and evocative psychological thriller that takes place in one of Sweden’s most beautiful and beloved environments, the seductively beautiful Stockholm archipelago. It’s the first part in The Sea Rescue series, where we will follow a small, tight-knit group of Sea Rescue volunteers.

373 pages



Denmark: Gutkind
Finland: Minerva
The Netherlands: Cargo
Norway: Gyldendal
Sweden: Romanus & Selling

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