The Eighth Deadly Sin
(Den åttonde dödssynden)

Rebecka E. Aldén

Nora is a successful columnist, author and lecturer, the kind that instill in her readers and audience that everyone can achieve happiness and success if they just make an effort.

That is exactly what Nora did herself after the accident ten years ago, when she fell in a stairwell from the seventh floor and nearly lost her life, an incident she only vaguely remembers.

Now she lives with her husband Frank and their two children in a stately villa in a well-off residential street. Once a year Nora organizes a grand party for all their neighbours, where she can really excel as the centre of attention.

But one day Klara moves in across the street and the idyllic picture is disrupted. And as Nora starts to write on her next future bestseller (on the theme of the deadly sins) she is met by a series of problems and difficulties, which she is not at all accustomed to. Slowly but surely fragments of Nora’s past is coming back to her and suspicions start to haunt her – maybe what happened ten years ago wasn’t an accident.

The Eighth Deadly Sin is a suspense novel revolving around false fronts, pretence and the things we want to hide from others. Rebecka E. Aldén has written a clever and contemporary psychological thriller about human failures, horrific secrets and the betrayal of trust.

318 pages


Czech republic: Motto, Albatros
Denmark: Modtryk
Germany: Btb/Random House
The Netherlands: Cargo/Bezige Bij
France: Denoël
Hungary: Animus
Iceland: N29/Drápa,
Sweden: Norstedts


“A book to enjoy in one sitting. A great example of psychological warfare with a finale that leaves the reader speechless.” ★★★★
Dagblad van het Noorden / NL

“An overwhelming finale.”
Vrij Nederland / NL

“Excellent psychological thriller.”
NBD Biblion / NL

“You should read this book if you liked The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. These two psychological thrillers have much in common. Who, if anyone, can you really trust?” / DK

“a psychological thriller that fully lives up to its genre, Domestic Noir. The story is truly vivid and well-written, I was drawn into its universe from the start, and could actually just lean back and ‘enjoy the ride’. / … / A genuinely strong reading experience” ★★★★★
Bognorden / DK

“The author makes me constantly change my mind; from believing that I’ve got it all figured out to discovering that it had I no clue at all. And she does it over and over again. So even though The Eighth Deadly Sin bears the signs of being a first attempt, the strong plot wins me over. And I stand ready next time Aldén releases a novel. Definitely!”
B for bog / DK

“The plot is brilliant, the story perfectly told and the protagonists’ roles are so well written that this book shines in a class of its own!” ★★★★★ / DK

“A truly exciting psychological thriller with a surprising end.” ★★★★★ / DK

“Rebecka Edgren Aldén’s debut thriller The Eighth Deadly Sin, depicts a hard-working writer on the verge of nervous breakdown, and her a bit too intrusive neighbour. The style is simple yet deadly effective and the end provides an exceptionally genuine surprise.”
Aftonbladet / SWE

“A psychological thriller about lies, control, and the ability to choose your own life. /…/ Well written /…/ with an unexpected twist at the end which opens for a sequel. And which one is ‘the eighth deadly sin’? Yes, you will find this out too.”
Borås Tidning / SWE

“Rebecka Edgren Aldén has written a really nice suspense novel, up-to-date and with a good plot. I read this little gem in one sitting last week and finished genuinely pleased.”
Bokhora / SWE

The Eighth Deadly Sin is creepy, psychological suspense novel, putting its finger on today’s exaggerated demand for success stories and self-help books and the downside of this demand; the fact that we seldom dare to show our true colours. /…/ This is interesting. The Eighth Deadly Sin is interesting.”
Enligt O / SWE

“Top grades to this debut novel, absolutely the most thrilling book this year. Read it, but during daytime. 5+ (out of 5)”
Mia’s bokhörna / SWE

“Quite impossible to stop reading. This is the author’s debut and one must say that this is nothing but a success. I strongly recommend this book to everyone who likes suspense. I, myself look forward to many more novels by this author. 5 out of 5”
Ylva Kort och Gott / SWE

“When you start reading The Eighth Deadly Sin it’s soon perfectly clear that the author is experienced in writing and handling language. She works like a spider in its web – as a reader you’re soon effectively ensnared in her story. The book unfolds into a real page-turner that is extremely hard to put down. Perhaps one of this season’s hottest debuts in the genre of suspense.”
Johannas Deckarhörna / SWE

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