The fast-paced space adventure is coming to an end! In the seventh installment of the Children of The Phoenix series, we finally find out what happens to Alice and Elias on their journey through the Milky Way.

They’ve been away from Earth for almost a year and are finally on their way back. But they are in a hurry. They must beat Karnidda and his kraos to the secret that mom has hidden under the house. On Earth there is also Dad, who doesn’t even know they are alive. But there are others waiting for them to strike. Before long, Alice and Elias are being hunted by both secret agents and malevolent aliens. Now the siblings must uncover a truth big enough to shake the entire galaxy to its foundations while defending their home world, lest the Earth be destroyed in a fiery Armageddon.

Armageddon is the seventh and final installment in the epic sci-fi series Children of The Phoenix, illustrated throughout with color images by Karl Johnsson.


Finland: Otava
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren


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