Eva Whitebrook
Illustrations by Marcus-Gunnar Pettersson

In the centre of Stockholm, next to the Strömmen canal, there is a house called The Sager Palace. Inside lives the Prime Minister, but on the roof someone quite different has made his home…

Manfred’s detective bureau hasn’t quite gotten the flying start he’d hoped for, so instead he tries to teach the energetic little seagull Moses to fly. Flying lessons must be quickly put aside when Manfred finally gets his very first case: finding a stolen stuffed flamingo.

Manfred and the Missing Flamingo is a breathtaking adventure with the charming radar couple Manfred and Moses. Manfred’s very first case leads Manfred and Moses to the amusement park Gröna Lund. It is not easy, however, to find a flamingo among carousels, lotteries and children eating cotton candy. And above all, Moses has also disappeared!

Wonderful humor and unforgettable characters in text and picture by Eva Whitebrook and Marcus-Gunnar Pettersson.


Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren


”Eva Whitebrook’s writing has an irrepressible feelgood quality, plenty of wit, snappy dialogue and ingenious asides.  It’s diverting to see our world through the eyes of birds: such as when Moses sees candy floss and observes that ’children are eating little white clouds on sticks.’  Marcus-Gunnar Pettersson is without question one of Sweden’s most skilled illustrators, and here the characters are vividly evoked in captivating cityscapes.  The shifts in pace and changes of perspective are perfectly rendered. Pettersson has sometimes been compared to the illustrator Sven Nordqvist (Pettson and Findus and many others), and of course they have quite a bit in common, perhaps most of all the humour in the carefully-drawn richness of detail.  You want to linger for a long time over every spread.  Manfred and the Missing Flamingo is a light-hearted and finely executed picture book.”

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