Manfred Becomes a Detective (Manfred blir detektiv)

Eva Whitebrook
Illustrations by Marcus-Gunnar Pettersson

In the middle of Stockholm, next to the Strömmen canal, there is a house called The Sager Palace. Inside lives the Prime Minister, but on the roof someone quite different has made his home…

When Manfred, a miserable old raven, discovers a lost seagull chick on his roof one day, his humdrum existence is turned upside down.  Manfred detests seagulls, and this chick is hungry, squeaking and whining. He has to find the parents and be rid of the infuriating chick as fast as possible. But this is trickier than he thought and turns into a real detective case. He puts the chick, which he calls Moses, on his back and sets off on an exhilirating adventure high above the rooftops of Stockholm.  On the way, we meet all kinds of birds that might help them.  There’s Carmen, the music-loving herring gull on the roof of the Opera; Semlan, the authoritative owl at the Royal Library, and Skeriffen, the fearsome goshawk who happily takes the law into his own wings.

Will Manfred succeed in his first mission and find Moses’s parents? And will the little downball even manage to thaw the raven’s heart?  In this first book of a new series, Manfred the raven both finds his true calling as a detective, and in Moses the seagull, his faithful sidekick.

A warm and exciting story, with wonderful humour and unforgettable characters in both text by Eva Whitebrook and pictures by Marcus-Gunnar Petterson.


Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren

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