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Martina Bigert and Maria Thulin have been writing together for more than ten years. Together, they have received prestigious awards for their accurate and warm stories about human vulnerability. Or, as the motivation read when they received the Molin scholarship for their cult teve series Doctor Beares It All: “The contrast between the polished facades and the inner life has given a classical psychoanalytical entrance to the characters who are fighting, beautiful, grotesque, pale, fat and aging as they explore the conditions of life.”

Besides writing the eacclaimed books about Hetty and her grandmother, the world famous artist Ingrid Gibson, Martina Bigert and Maria Thulin has co-written two seasons of Doctor Beares It All, as well as the debated film All About My Bushes, which Martina also directed. They have also written episodes for other productions, such as Ängelby and the popular children’s program Hotell Kantarell.


2018 – Sisters 1968 (Sytrar 1968), Swedish Television, original tv-script
2014 – Angel Village (Ängelby), Swedish Television, episode writers2012 – Doctor Bears It All, season 2, (Gynekologen i Askim 2), Swedish Television, original tv-script
2009 – Hotel Chantarel (Hotell Kantarell), Swedish Television, episode writer
2007 – Doctor Beares It All, season 1, (Gynekologen i Askim 1), original tv-script, Swedish Television

2007 – All About My Bush (Allt om min buske), Sandrew Metronome, original filmscript